GFBL General Centrifugal Fan

GFBL General Centrifugal Fan

Volume range:600~222000 m3/h
Total Pressure range:150~3200 Pa
Drive type:belt drive, direct drive

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Application: thermal power, auto manufacture, chemical industry, industrial dust removal systems, metal smelting, explosion-proof exhaust, electronic, light industry, environment, paper making.

Volume range: 600~222000 m3/h

Total Pressure range:150~3200 Pa

Drive type: belt drive, direct drive

Size: 2.8#~20#

Temperature range: 0~300℃

Fan direction: Fans can be made in accordance with the clockwise and counterclockwise with 0°,45°,90°,135°,180°,270°


1. Fan frame: GFBL consist impeller, casing, inlet, drive part, base and etc.

2。 Impeller: Impeller is adjusted by the Static and dynamic balancing test。 Wheel balancing level G4。0

3。 Casing: Casing full welded, ensuring better strength and safety

4. Drive part: Bearing house with Oil leak preventing, ensuring Long service life

5。 Base: Structural base with vibration isolation mounting

6. Performance: Broad high efficiency area, low noise

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